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Triple Elemental is still alive!? you ask, reading these words in shocked but jubilant disbelief. The unmatchable comic stylings of Matt and Mike Alba are once again to grace the pages of this site!? Oh, joyous day! you cry, looking up through misty eyes to thank the heavens. If this is but a wonderful dream, you beg, kill me now so I may never feel the torment of waking from it!

First of all, uh, woah. That was intense. Seriously dude, you need to relax - maybe get some therapy or something, I dunno. You sound pretty messed up. And also you talk really weird, are you British or something? Yikes.

Second of all, you're a damn liar. Nobody remembers us. Hell, the last time we contributed something to this site was in 2008, and the last time we contributed anything good was in - well, er, point is we haven't done anything for a while. And I could go on and on about why that is, and what we've done in the meantime, but honestly the only people who'd care are our friends, family, and maybe a few federal agencies. So I'll skip all that and cut right to the good part - we've made a new movie.

No, seriously, that's not even a joke. A Twisted Halloween is something you can go watch, right now, for real, on this very site. It's a movie we've been wanting to make since we started Twisted Minds five years ago, and once we remembered that, oh, yeah, we actually have to do something to make that happen, it got finished in like two months. Granted, it was a laborious couple months, but we're both really proud of the result. Hopefully you guys agree, and if so we'd love to hear a review! I guess you can review if you disagree too, but I can't promise we'll love to hear it. We will respond though, so what are you waiting for? Go now!

I'm not gonna make any guarantees about our future on this site, because statistically speaking those are worth exactly nothing, but I will say that we'd still love to make TM3 a reality at some point. And failing that, at least an update on our profile specifically stating that we've fallen off the face of the Earth. Until either of those points, though, I'm gonna go ahead and plug A Twisted Halloween again, because seriously, can you believe we actually made it?

Happy Halloween guys!

A Twisted Halloween

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